Write Faster: 4 Tips How To Make Dictation Work For You

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Whether you’re an author, a freelance writer or blogger have you ever wanted to write faster? With voice recognition software – where you talk into a microphone and use software that writes for you instead of you typing – you can.

Without voice recognition software, I wouldn’t be out of write half the things that I write thanks having a disability that makes it hard for me to type using my hands.

Here are 5 tips on how dictation software can help you write better and faster:

  1. Use free voice recognition software. Most PCs and Macs come with free voice recognition software on them nowadays. Try it out and see how you got on with it. If you decide you like it, I recommend upgrading and buying Dragon NaturallySpeaking software which is the best dictation software on the market.
  2. Get good microphone. Using your computer’s built-in microphone is in a very good option. If you get something like Dragon NaturallySpeaking you need to have a good professional microphone. The better the microphone the better the quality you will have in terms of dictation. I use the blue yeti USB microphone and is the best one I’ve had in terms of clarity. Some microphones often start off as little as £50.
  3. Plan what you want say first. By planning out you what you want to say either by taking notes or writing them down in the notebook. I often write out the first drafts of my books by hand first and then type them up using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I find it much easier that way.
  4. Only use it for small tasks when you’re first starting out. If you’re just starting out with voice recognition software, I recommend just using it for small tasks such as writing emails or short documents. You find this much easier and less frustrating as it does take some getting used to.

Have you ever tried dictation software before?

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Posted 06/07/2017 by tiffanyshand in Authorship, Blogging, Productivity, Writing / 1 Comment