What is an authorpreneur?

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What is an authorpreneur-

The word authorpreneur is made up of the two words “Author” and “Entrepreneur”. An authorpreneur is a person who builds a business – this can be any kind of business – around their books.When you look at the title of my new blog you’re probably wondering what the name “authorpreneur” means.

I’m an author and I’m slowly trying to build a business around my own book. I also run my own freelance business as a professional editor, blogger and copywriter.

An entrepreneur is someone who creates any kind of business from scratch. You don’t have to build your own company to be successful. Most entrepreneurs usually start out working from home.

It’s easy to become an author nowadays. You don’t have to go through agents or a traditional publisher anymore. In a few clicks and a bit of research you can upload your book onto Amazon for free and become an instant author within a few minutes.

But authors have to think beyond writing and their books now. If you want to publish your books as a hobby that’s fine but publishing is a business and has to be treated that way. Most books only sell a few copies within their lifetime and given the ease of self-publishing nowadays it’s easier than ever for people to get their work out there.

So remember treat publishing like a business and think of your books as part of that business.

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Posted 17/05/2016 by tiffanyshand in Authorship / 0 Comments