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Any writer or blogger loves tools that help with their writing process. Whether it’s checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. Or checking for consistency and overused words.

Here’s a list of the best tools I’ve come across. They don’t replace the use of a real human editor, but they do help.

  1. Perfectit is a proofreading plugin software tool for Microsoft Word which I absolutely love! It’s also great for proofreaders and editors as well as writers. It checks the consistency of your work, for example, to see if a word is spelt a certain way throughout your novel, blog post etc.
  2. Grammarly is like a spell check but much more. It checks for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. It offers tips on how to avoid errors and make suggestions if it thinks words are written the wrong way. There a free version and a paid version. It also has add-ons that can be used in Word to track your documents and in your Internet browser to check emails, social media and blog posts etc. Bear in mind not everything it says it correct. It often doesn’t recognise names that I make up for my books.
  3. Prowriting Aid is another great tool that I recently discovered. There’s a free and a premium version. The free version checks up to 3000 words. It gives you helpful reports about overused words, the passive voice, alternative or simpler words, and consistency. The premium version also includes a plagiarism checker.
  4. Hemmingway App is similar to Prowriting Aid but not quite as good in my opinion. It checks for passive and weak verbs and for readability.
  5. Autocrit is another tool that gives you a report about your writing. It checks for repetition, dialogue, momentum, and sentence structure. Do note that it only has paid versions.

What self-editing tools do you use to help with your writing?

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Posted 04/07/2017 by tiffanyshand in Editing, Self Publishing, Writing / 1 Comment