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Since creating my second blog on this site and moving some of my content away from my author website I decided to start upping my blogging game more. I kept hearing the bloggers needed to have an editorial calendar for their blogs to use for promotion and stay organised. And I have to say it’s the best way of doing that is by using an editorial calendar. I’ve tried a number of editorial calendars over the years including free WordPress plug-ins and making my own paper editorial calendars, but none of these seemed to work for me. With so many different options out there it can be hard to know which tool to choose.


Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered one does. Coschedule is an online tool an easy-to-use drag-and-drop content marketing calendar for WordPress that allows you to plan, create, organise and promote all of your content in one place. Such as blog posts and posts for social media. since using this tool it has definitely saved me a lot of time when planning and promoting content.

Plan out and create different content in one place


Thanks to Coschedule having its own WordPress plugin you can easily arrange create and plan out your blog posts within your WordPress site. There are a lot of free editorial calendar plugins out here but none of them has the same capabilities to what this can do. I love being able to plan out my posts in advance and see them in calendar view.

Drag and Drop Posts Easily

Best of all is that you can see what posts you have published on each social media platform. Within the calendar, you can easily drag and drop you blog posts so if you decide you want to post or promote something on a different day  you can just drag and drop onto a different day.

Schedule Social Media Posts


One of my favourite things about Coschedule is the ability to easily plan social media post. Yes, you can schedule your blog post in WordPress itself and sometimes it will even post on certain social media sites for you by never found that very helpful. With co-schedule, you can track your social media posts, add images, text and different links depending on what type of post you plan to do.

I’ve tried a number of different social media automation tools and never got on very well with any of them. Either they have been too complicated or too limited for what I want them to do. Another thing I love is that I can easily do social media posts related to my books or even personal status updates for my different social media profiles.

CoSchedule will post on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google + (pages only). Although it would be nice if it had more Pinterest integration.

Draft and Bin Your Ideas

One of the other great features is you can create draft posts easily so whenever you get an idea for a blog post you can write down the title,  make notes or set yourself a task to add keywords, make a graphic, etc. And CoSchedule will even email you to remind you when those tasks are due.

At only $10 per month depending on whether you decide to go for a solo calendar or a team calendar which is for more than one user, it’s definitely good value for money.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should sign up for co-schedule or not they do have a 14-day free trial. I used the free trial myself and if even someone who is as technically challenged as me can figure it out then I highly recommend giving it a go.

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Posted 29/08/2016 by tiffanyshand in Blogging, Productivity, Social Media / 0 Comments