Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Short Form Writing Can Boost Your Career by TC Michael

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1. Short Literature is Widely Read

In places like magazines, e-zines, anthologies, newspaper’s, websites and more. There’s a huge market for short literature and it’s full of voracious readers. Fiction or nonfiction, you can be sure there is still a home for your work with an audience waiting to read it.

When a reader subscribes to a specific venue, especially if it’s a paid subscription, they’ll be very loyal at the cost of their dollar. They will be more interested to read what the author has to share.

2. You Get Paid

One of the best ways short literature will improve an author’s career is by payment. There are several tiers that publishers follow when compensating their authors: non-paying (“exposure only”), token paying (1¢/word or less), semi-pro (1-4¢/word), professional (5-6¢/word or more). Authors should always start with the professional tier first.When a publisher pays an author, the publisher has invested in that authors work. Meaning the publisher already has an audience built-in that they can market to.

Readers equal visibility. Visibility equals popularity. Popularity equals reprints.

This book lists professional paying publishers and their requirements for publication.

3. Quick Reads

The reader only has to digest a little bit at a time when they read a short story or article. It can be over breakfast, while carpooling, on lunch break, etc. If the author has a large enough impact on the reader in that small amount of time it may prompt the reader to share what they’ve read. Short work is typically easier to explain than novels.

If you have multiple short stories available and a reader tries one and loves it, then they will certainly explore your other works.

4. Writing Exercises

An author may write a novel over a period of twelve months and in between writing that novel – during editing, beta reading, or a break – they can write a handful of short stories. Each of these stories are writing exercises, even if they’re in a different genre. These are exercises because you’re straining with minimal words to create characters, conflict, dialogue, etc.

Back to what I mentioned above – you are not only getting paid for your stories, you’re getting paid for your exercises that were created because you wanted to improve your skills.

5. Get Noticed

Getting noticed as a short story writer may be easier because there are numerous awards, contests and publishers for the short form. The awards can be as big as the Hugo’s and as small as a writing group. A Google search will show you that the contests are everywhere. Cities, states, clubs, libraries, genre contests, flash-specific contests, etc. There are hundreds of paying publishers that are looking for more stories.

Authors can improve their success by writing multiple stories, even if they are writing a novel. Increased visibility comes from writing short pieces in several genres. A reader may find your romance story, like your style, and decide to give your fantasy story a try.

If an editor, agent or publisher likes one of your stories, it may lead to representation or publication of further works. Which leads to a boost in your career.


Stephen King’s short stories have been combined into multiple collections, and today he is one of the highest paid authors in the world. The 2011 movie The Grey featuring Liam Neeson is based on a short story written by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, originally titled Ghostwalker. Short story success stories are numerous.

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TC Michael

About the book

Title: Short Story Pro Market 2017

Author: TC Michael

Genre: Nonfiction Reference / Guidebook

Short Story Pro Market is a reference book created to assist you in the publication process of your short stories. It will help guide you in finding a publisher by providing you with the necessary information needed. There are over 150 publishers listed inside. Think of this book as a “tool”, one you can constantly look back on with any questions you may have. This book is designed to provide as detailed information about each publisher as possible, as long as the information is necessary in submitting to a given publisher.

As indicated by the title, this book contains ONLY professional paying markets, which have been verified by their websites and other online information.

Short Story Pro Market provides authors a huge head start in finding a publisher by helping you avoid agonizing over countless grueling hours of online searches, comparisons, queries, and complications. You save precious time by having everything in one place from publisher names and websites to the accepted document format. It’s allinside.

Author Bio

TC Michael was born and raised in small town USA where he grew up with a large family. He’s always been an epic daydreamer with a wild imagination. He currently lives in northern Utah where he’s working on his next great novel and enjoying life. When he’s not writing, he’s hanging out with family, reading, or enjoying the outdoors. TC has wanted to be an author his whole life, but never thought it would happen. Now, he is working hard on making his dream come true.


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