Blogging On A Budget Series Part 2: Choosing the right web host

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For the next post in my blogging on a budget series, I’m going to be talking about hosting. You can read my first post here where I talk about getting a domain name 

If you’re thinking a starting blog, website hosting is one of the most important things to consider getting.

What is a web host?

A website host is essentially a service provider who provides space on the internet to house the website.

There are free options out there such as Blogger or Wix, but if you want to create a proper professional blog that you own I highly recommend going with self-hosted WordPress. Free website platforms have very limited options and are much harder to monetise. Plus they can be taken away from you at any time if you accidentally break one of the provider’s rules. It’s much better to have a blog you actually own and have complete control over.

What to look for when choosing a web host:

  1. Know what kind of hosting you need. When you;’re just starting out you don’t need Scythian fancy.
  2. Investigate the host’s reputation and reliability. Read reviews and recommendations from other bloggers to see what they have to say. You don’t want to pay out money only to have your site going down all the time.
  3. Consider your budget. Compare prices and choose what is right for you. Also check the prices for both sign up and renewal as hosting tends start out cheap and then be much more expensive when it’s renewed.
  4. Check what kind of features the host has. For example, does include a free domain name, the chance to upgrade, etc?
  5. What kind of web space and bandwidth does the package include?

Recommended web hosts:

Namecheap – I started out with Namecheap when I moved to using a self hosted site. They have very good prices for anyone starting limited budget we can host up to three sites under one plan. They also have great customer support. Their shared hosting starts at only £8.

TSO Hosting – a great option for anyone on a limited budget that starts at only £14.99 a year. I used them a few years ago when they used to do a free option.

Bluehost – this is a popular one for many bloggers. Prices don’t seem too bad, but it does have a bit of a mixed reputation.

Siteground – my current host for all my websites. I love them and can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve been with them a few months now and haven’t had any downtime. They have good customer support if you ever need help too.

Who do you use for hosting your blog and why?

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Posted 06/03/2017 by tiffanyshand in Blogging / 2 Comments