5 Ways To Make Readers Hate Your Book – And How To Fix It

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Every author wants readers to enjoy and love their books. They want the reader to feel good and keep coming back for more.

But many authors don’t realise that no everyone is going to like their book. A romance reader isn’t going to want to read your book if you write psychological thrillers. There are many different reasons why readers won’t love your book whether it be because of genre, characters, lack of plot or too much sex in the book, not everyone will enjoy it. Focus on making readers love your book and follow these tips to do that.

Here a few tips on to make readers hate your books – and ways to fix them.

  1. The cover doesn’t match the genre. A lot of authors just plaster any old cover on their book, but it’s important to have a book cover that matches the genre. Don’t have a couple embracing on the front of a crime novel. Make sure the cover matches the genre.
  2. Too many cliches. Argh, I hate cliches in books – something I see a lot as an editor. Readers will be put off by cliches so don’t use them unless you have to.
  3. No hook within the first chapter. To get someone to continue reading your book you have to “hook” them within the first few pages of the first chapter, ideally you want to hook them within the first page. This is one of the most important parts of any story. Have something attention-grabbing to hook your readers in and make them want to continue reading.
  4. Boring characters. Boring characters can mean a lot of things, this can be a character who has no personality or is too perfect. No one is perfect so don’t make your characters that way either. Everyone has flaws. And flaws can actually make your character more interesting.
  5. Too much description. Everyone likes description when they’re reading a book, but too much description and having lots of paragraphs describing what a person or place looks like will soon bore your reader. Try to keep descriptions fairly short and sprinkle them throughout the chapter instead on bogging it down in one place.

What makes you hate or get turned off by a book?

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Posted 23/01/2017 by tiffanyshand in Authorship, Marketing, Writing / 10 Comments