5 Tips On How To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

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When you first start your blog you’re brimming with ideas, but then one day you suddenly find yourself wondering what to write about. No matter how long you’ve been blogging whether it’s been weeks or years it can often be hard to come up with new ideas, especially if you blog on a regular basis. This is why so many blogs fail, people start out being all excited and then quickly lose interest.

Here are 4 ways to never run out of blog post ideas:

1. Write about something you love. This may seem obvious but some many bloggers start blogs thinking they’ll make money writing about something they think is profitable and then soon lose interest. By writing about something you’re truly passionate about you’ll never run out of post ideas.

2. Answer a question that your target audience has. A great way of coming up with blog topics is to answer questions your readers have. Or use a tool such as Yahoo answers to browse what your readers what answered.

3. Use Google’s keyword planner to come up with ideas. Google’s keyword planner tool is a brilliant way of of generating more ideas. Just start by typing in a few keywords and see what it comes up with.

4. Re-purpose old blog posts and come up with new angles for it. What else can you write about that particular topic?

5. Write about things that you want to write about but are afraid to. Do you have an idea that you’re just bursting to write about but you’re too afraid to write about it? Write it. If the urge is that strong chances are that it’ll make a great post.

What tips do you have on how never run out of post ideas?

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Posted 24/04/2017 by tiffanyshand in Blogging / 5 Comments