5 Tips On How To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed As A Writer

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Whether you’re a freelance writer, novelist, blogger or any other kind of writer it’s easy to feeling overwhelmed by everything. Many authors, bloggers and freelancers can soon be overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to whether be writing posts, working on your business or doing work for clients. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. As an author, blogger and freelancer myself I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to get done, but there are ways to avoid the overwhelm and stay sane.

Here are 5 tips on how to avoid getting overwhelmed.

  1. Set small goals and focus on them. By setting smaller goals instead just focusing on the big goals all the time and breaking them down into manageable steps it makes it much easier to track your progress and give you the satisfaction of seeing that you are still getting things done.
  2. Have regular breaks. This may seem obvious but once you get writing it’s easy to let the hours slip by without having many breaks. Take a break every 30 minutes to an hour, then you go back to your work feeling a bit more refreshed.
  3. Go outside and get some fresh air. Again this may seem obvious but it’s easy to stay stuck at your desk whilst trying to get everything done. Going out and getting some air, maybe even going for a walk with help you feel more refreshed and get the creative juices flowing again.
  4. Try something new. If you’re feeling stuck on your current project, take a break from it and try something completely. Instead of writing a novel write a short, or instead of writing a blog pod why not make a video?
  5. Get rid of the long to do list. Having a to-do list is a great way of keeping track of everything, but when it’s really long you’ll soon become overwhelmed. Try to keep your list short and simple with only the most urgent tasks on, try adding other less important things onto a separate list.

What tips do you have to avoid getting overwhelmed as a writer? I’d love to hear them!

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Posted 08/05/2017 by tiffanyshand in Blogging, Productivity, Writing / 5 Comments