5 Tips For Writing A Book Series

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A lot of authors are told to write a series of books. Series sell better and the more books you have out there the better they will sell.

But what if you don’t want to write a series? It’s hard enough writing one book let alone three or more.

I’ve always written series even before I published anything. I like continuing the books and see what happens to my characters next. Plus I usually buy most of my book covers in sets of three so I know they’ll be at least three books in a series – or more. Same thing goes for my first fiction series the Excalibar Investigations Series. I always knew it would be more than one book.

Now with my next series of three books coming out in the new year and having six books plus a box set under my belt I thought I’d write a post about writing a series. These tips can apply to non-fiction books as well as fiction books.

Here are five tips to writing the book series:

Plan Ahead: To write a series is a good idea to plan the series out. Whether it be book by book or just writing a general outline of what you want happening the series as you go along. By having an outline planning ahead you’re less likely to run out of steam or to grow bored by a series. You don’t want to get two books into a series and then suddenly decide you don’t want to write any more. I do a general outline for each series I want to write. Then I outline each book briefly so I have a rough idea of what’ll happen in each book once I start writing it.

Keep a record. Keep a record of your characters, who they are, what they do and things that happened in your previous books. By keeping track of everything, you’re less likely to mess things up when you start writing the next book in series. You don’t want suddenly start writing about character who died in the previous book or write a completely different description of a character who looks different in the previous book. I use Scrivener to keep track of what my characters did in the first book, what they look like and events that took place in previous books.

Experiment with different things. Just because you are writing a series doesn’t mean that everything has to be the same in each book. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things. For example, I wrote my first novel Denai Touch as more of a paranormal romance. But my second novel in the series Denai Bound is more of an urban fantasy/suspense novel. Don’t be afraid to add different elements or sub-genres to your book. There’s no rule that says you can’t have different things in your novels.

Decide if you want your books to be a series. Weigh the pros and cons of writing a series. Do you love your characters enough to continue writing about them? If so, decide how many books you may potentially want to write.

Plan an ending to your series. Once you get into writing your series, may suddenly become bored or decide you want to start writing something completely different. It’s always a good idea of writing down how you want the series to end and how you plan on ending it.

Did you decide to write a series of books? If so, what were your reasons?

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Posted 12/12/2016 by tiffanyshand in Writing / 5 Comments