5 Tips For Blogging Consistently

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Writing blog posts on a regular basis can be hard for any blogger. Life often gets in the way and leaves you feeling very uninspired. Or sometimes you can blog on a regular basis, have a great streak of inspiration and then you feel as if you have completely burned out.

Read a lot
This applies to all writers, not just bloggers. The more you read the more you learn and the potential content you have to write about. I don’t just mean reading books or ebooks.

Magazines, online articles and other blog posts are also a great way of finding new ideas. Or try different forms of reading that you don’t usually use. Try looking at children’s picture book and see what inspiration it gives you.


Try listening to audiobooks. I find audiobooks are a great way to learn new things and best of all you can listen to them whilst you are travelling on your daily commute or doing housework.

Try learning to read faster. I often use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to catch headlines and see what’s going on in the world. Or try using Feedly to browse through all the titles of your favourite blogs.

Try changing the look of your blog
Try changing your blog theme. Go for something completely different from your previous theme and use different colours. Having a look a completely different way can often inspire you to write different things. Having nice looking notebooks always inspires me to write, and having a good-looking blog can do the same.

Write down your post as soon as you get the idea
This is often a bad habit I have. I get great idea for a post and decide I will write down later then when I do the idea has completely gone. It’s important to write down your idea as soon as you get it. Even if it’s just a short note about what you want to write about. Try using Evernote to outline your post with different headings or parts that you are going to include in the blog post.

Try brainstorming using different methods, notebooks, word processing programs or mind mapping software, etc. Such as Mindmeister which is paid tool that allows you to map out your ideas, and sync across multiple devices. Or Text 2 mind map which allows you to turn text into mind maps. It’s simple and free to use.

Try different content
Instead of writing try using different forms of content. Such as a SlideShare deck, graphics relating to your post using Canva or try making a video and posting it on Youtube.

Or try writing something that you don’t normally write about which still relates to the content on your blog, such as a how-to article. Readers love posts that help them to do something.

What are you ways of helping you to blog consistently?

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Posted 01/07/2016 by tiffanyshand in Blogging / 5 Comments