5 Things Every Author Should Know About Amazon

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Every author, both experienced and aspiring knows that Amazon is the biggest online book publishing platform. But there are a few things every also should know about Amazon.

    1. Your Amazon ranking has nothing to do with sales. Some authors are obsessed with their Amazon ranking, your Amazon ranking actually has nothing to do with sales on Amazon. Is actually based on page views.
    2. Reviews on Amazon carry weight. I have heard that 50 reviews is the magic number where Amazon actually starts paying attention to your book and allows you to get more visibility. Reviews are very important. Do whatever you can to get reviews for your book. Whether it be by going to book signings, hosting giveaways, or asking book bloggers to write an honest review of your book in exchange for a free copy.
    3. Publishers can’t control the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” feature, but you can. This is a new thing I’ve recently learned. It’s one of Amazon’s algorithms where you encourage people to buy a book similar to yours and then the two get associated with each other.
    4. Amazon is more author friendly than publisher friendly. As an indie author myself I have noticed that Amazon are much more friendly towards authors then they are to actual traditional publishers. It’s much easier for authors to get in touch with Amazon and have them be more helpful than it is for authors who publish through traditional publishers. This is because traditional publishers have most of the control over the author’s work.So if you go the traditional route and have a problem with your book through KDP it will be harder for Amazon to help you.
    5. Amazon is cost controlling you book. If you’ve ever published through Amazon (self-published through the KDP platform) you’ll know you’ll get a 70% royalty cut if you book is priced between 2.99 and 9.99. Most people don’t seem to want to pay more than 9.99 for a book because that’s the price Amazon has told them so. Nothing can be done about but I feel this is akin to price fixing.

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Posted 13/02/2017 by tiffanyshand in Authorship, publishing, Self Publishing / 7 Comments