5 Lessons Learnt Between Books 6 and 7

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Whenever I release a new book I like to reflect on what I’ve learnt each time I write and publish one so today I’m going to be talking about some of the things I’ve learnt during writing and publishing my sixth and seventh books – heck, how did that happen? Looking back on previous posts it’s amazing to see how much I’ve learnt over the last two years.

  1. Working on and building your author platform is a continual process. I always used to think once I had the basic building blocks for my author platform, I wouldn’t need to do everything else. But I see now that it’s a continual process as I learn what works and doesn’t work. An author’s platform is always growing and evolving.
  2. Building an email list is a must. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really late in joining the mailing list bandwagon. I only started my list a few months ago and haven’t done much to cultivate it. But that has started to change now. Since I’ve switched to a different email service Mailerlite, I find I#m starting to like writing newsletters and it is a great way of reaching readers.
  3. No matter how well you plan out the publication process something inevitably grows wrong. No matter how much I plan and prepare for publication something usually goes wrong. Instead of computer issues this time I had a problem with one of my ARC copies of my books, but thankfully it didn’t take too long to fix.
  4. Networking is essential. Networking with other authors is something I’ve never been that good at as I’m a pretty shy person, but I’m slowly coming out of my shell and have met some great people.
  5. Writing shorter books is a great way of building up your back-list. After writing two 90-100K novels I needed a change. I didn’t want to be writing only one or two books per year. To sell books you need to have quite a few titles and at least one completed series before people start to notice you. So I’ve stared writing serials, books that are broken down into short novels instead of long, full length novels. I’ve found that I really like writing shorter books and my readers seem to like them too.

What lessons have you learnt by publishing different books?

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Posted 25/09/2017 by tiffanyshand in Author Platform, Creative Business, Writing / 1 Comment