4 Ways T Make Money As A Writer

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Everyone wants to be a writer these days whether it’s because you want to express yourself creatively or you want to actually earn a living doing something you love. But here is the question, how do you actually make money writing? There are dozens of different ways to make money as a writer but when you’re first starting out a lot of freelance writers tend to take on small projects for very little money and struggled to make any real income from it.

Here are 4 ways you can make money as a writer:

1. Start freelancing on sites such as upwork or fiverr.com They may not seem like much but I’ve found them to be the best way of getting experience when you’re first starting out the freelancer. Although the jobs may be low-paying to start off with you can slowly build up into higher paying jobs and they are a great way of building up your portfolio as a writer.

2. Start a blog. Starting a blog is good for any writer no matter whether you are a freelancer or an author. Blogging can help you find your voice as a writer and help you build your confidence. It’s also great way of building your portfolio and figuring out what kind of niche you want to write in. Selling products such as courses, digital projects or using affiliate marketing through your blog is a great way of generating different streams of income.

3. Write a book. I started out being a writer by publishing my first novel way back in 2015. Publishing a book cannot only help you find your voice and build your confidence as a writer it can also be another stream of income for you. Or why not offer your services as a ghost writer writing books for other people?

4. Find a profitable writing niche. Not all writing niches are profitable. Some niches are over-saturated. This is where you need to do your research. When you’re first starting out try writing for a few different niches and see what is the most profitable. It’s also a great way of figuring out the kind of niche that you want to write in.

What ways do you make money as a writer?

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Posted 30/07/2018 by tiffanyshand in Authorship, Creative Business, Writing / 0 Comments