4 Tips On Overcoming Self-Doubt As A Writer

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In this week’s blog post I thought I would talk about dealing with self-doubt as a writer. This is a common problem many writers suffer from.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to writing or if, like me, you’ve written and published over 20 books. All writers suffer from self-doubt at some point. Even many successful authors admit they suffer from moments of wondering whether people will actually enjoy their work or not or think it is complete rubbish.

Here are 4 tips on how to overcome self-doubt as a writer

1. Think of yourself as a writer and not an author

I always try to think of the distinction between “writer” and “author”. When I’m a writer I can just enjoy the writing process. I don’t have to worry about deadlines, editing, cover design or whether someone is going to like my book or not. The author part comes later when I start turning the book into an actual product.
So when you are actually writing your book. Don’t think of yourself as an author first. That part comes later. When you’re writing your first draft. Just try to enjoy the writing process. See where your imagination and creativity takes you and just have fun with it. This I found to be the best way of overcoming my inner critic and ignoring self-doubt.

2. Accept self-doubt it is part of the writing process

All writers suffer from self-doubt at some point. It’s perfectly natural. Whether you find this part encouraging or discouraging or not, it’s true. All writers get self-doubt at some point, even after they’ve written many books and are well established as an author.
I actually find this part encouraging because it makes me realise I’m not alone. It can be comforting to know that the writers are going through the exact same thing.

3. Ignore the haters

One important thing to remember is not everyone is going to like your book. You can’t please everyone. Everyone is always going to have an opinion about something.
In the early days of my publishing journey, I often found it really hard to deal with criticism. Even now I still get upset when people don’t like my book. By just have to sit back and remind myself that that’s only one person’s opinion. Lots of other people usually do enjoy reading your book.
The best thing to do with haters, it’s just to ignore them. Don’t engage them. They’re not worth your time or energy.

4. Keep writing

Self-Doubt can be a writer’s worst enemy. By listening to your inner critic and thinking no one will ever want to read your book is the perfect way to not get a book finished.
The most important thing to do is to keep on writing. Don’t worry about whether someone likes your book or not. When you first start writing the book, write for yourself. Writes because it’s what you want to write and enjoy the process.

How do you deal with self-doubt as a writer? I’d love to hear some of your tips and comments.

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Posted 14/01/2019 by tiffanyshand in Creative Business, Procuductivity, Writing / 0 Comments