4 Nanowrimo writing hacks to help you stay on track

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Lots of people are taking part in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this month but I know a lot of authors struggle with meeting their daily word count. Well done for everyone who is actually taking part this year. It can seem like a very daunting task having to write 50,000 words in a month.

If you’re not sure what Nanowrimo is or you haven’t decided whether to take part yet, check out this post

Here are five writing hacks to help You stay on track this month:

Here are 4 writing hack to help you stay on track this month:

1. Try doing writing sprints.

I’ve found writing sprints a great way of overcoming writer’s block and helping me to complete my word count. Try 25 minutes of writing then have a break for five minutes. Then try writing again for another 25 minutes. This may seem like a long time but this really works and has proved very effective for both me and other authors.

2. Try outlining.

If you’re feeling stuck, try outlining your next scene. I know some writers hate outlining but I find it very effective for helping me stay focused and stay on track. Try outlining your next scene or chapter. This doesn’t have to be overly long or complicated. Try by writing just a few sentences about what you want happening that particular scene. Or just start with one sentence and see what happens.

3. Mind mapping.

I’m usually working on more than one novel or short story at times. I can often be writing one book, revising another and editing another one. Mind mapping is a great way of keeping track of everything you’re supposed to be doing.

You could try mind mapping software. I actually just use a notebook where I keep track of everything such as

  • Characters,
  • Settings,
  • Time line;
  • Events,
  • Story goals.

4. Try a writing warm up.

This is actually a new technique I’ve recently started trying. It works really well. Using the timer on my phone I free write for five minutes before I start writing any major scenes or chapters. Is a great way of getting you into the writing mindset.

All you have to do is write for five minutes. This could be literally anything. It could be the start of your scene. What do you want to accomplish in this particular chapter? It can be literally writing anything.

How are you getting on with Nanowrimo this month? Do you have any hacks that help you stay on track?

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