10 Ways To Market Your Book For Free

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Marketing your book can often be hard work for any author, especially if you’re new to the publishing game. Marketing is tough for whether you’re new or experienced. Lack of marketing is often the reason why many books fail.

Lots of people say you have to spend money to make money to succeed in publishing. But when you’re first starting out you probably have little to no disposable income to go around after editing and other costs.

So here are 10 ways to market your book for free:

  1. Use social media. One of the good things about social media is that it’s a great way to get the word out about your books and even better it’s a great way to connect with potential readers. Best of all it’s completely free. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are some great sites to use.
  2. Make a book trailer. Book trailers can be a great way of gaining readers attentions and they can be fairly easy to make for free using something like Windows Media Player.
  3. Start an email newsletter. Email is a great to get the word out when you have a new release coming out.
  4.  Use part of your book as a lead magnet to get people to sign up to your newsletter.
  5. Announce your book release on your blog.
  6. Host a virtual book blog tour where a few blogs in your particular niche or genre post promos, excerpts, author interviews or reviews about your book.
  7. Host a Goodreads giveaway by giving away a few paperback copies of your book.
  8. Do a free KDP promotion of your ebook. When done right this can still do really well.
  9. Put a call to action in the back of all your books. Put a signup to your newsletter in the back of all your books by enticing readers with your leader magnet whether it be a free book or some other goodie.
  10. Use Facebook groups to promote your book when you’re doing a free promo, when your book is one sale or you have a new release.

What do you do to promote your book for free?

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Posted 17/10/2016 by tiffanyshand in Authorship, Marketing, publishing, Writing / 1 Comment