10 Tips For A More Effective Blog

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Blogs can be a great way of promoting your book, your work or your brand as a writer.

Here are a few tips for a more effective blog.

  1. Make it compelling. You want people to read your blog, don’t you? Boring content will put people off. Using images and even video can make your blog look much more appealing. Write posts that will spark a reader’s interest or contain relevant information about a particular subject.
  1. Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t waffle on if you don’t need to. Reading off a computer screen is more difficult than on paper. So it’s best to just use small blocks of text as it makes for easier reading.
  1. Write in a friendly tone, don’t be too formal and don’t use too much technical language. Use the same style as if you were sitting down in a café with a friend to chatting over coffee.
  1. Try to update your blog on a regular basis. It’s best to try and post at least once or twice a week.
  1. Read through what you have written. Correct any mistakes and grammatical errors to ensure it all makes sense.
  2. Link to other material. Use your blog to link to other material on the web. This could be the website of the organisation you represent, or information about the specific services it provides. Or provide links to your book.
  3. Know your target audience. It’s hard to write a blog, or anything for that matter, without knowing whom you are writing to. Sit down and write a profile for your intended audience: age, occupation, wants needs, aspirations, etc. Once you have defined your target audience, you can then write content that is relevant and meaningful to them. For example, if you are a writer, like me, you may write tips and information that will be helpful to other writers. Or information about your books for your readers.
    1. Write a list of blog topics. I find a good way of coming up with ideas for new blog posts is to write a list of topics. This can be anything from writing tips, to blogging, marketing or thing about self-publishing.
    2. Create a blogging calendar. Prepare a monthly blogging calendar that includes deadlines for drafts and posts. This will give you time to prepare and edit your pieces and then you will always feel one step ahead.
    3. Research before your write. It can be tempting to write blogs strictly from your head, but it’s also useful to do research to enhance your posts. This way if you don’t know very much about a particular subject you will learn more about it and get your facts right.

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Posted 19/12/2016 by tiffanyshand in Blogging, Social Media / 7 Comments